Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Gel Battery 12V 100AH Lead Acid Battery

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shijiazhuang Hebei China
Brand Name: ALLIN Solar Battery
Certification: CE , SGS, ISO9001
Model Number: AY-09-200Ah Solar Battery
Minimum Order Quantity: 1-2
Price: 50-2000$/Set,Price needs to be negotiated
Packaging Details: 1pcs/pac,Can be customized
Delivery Time: 3-25days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000Sets/days
Detail Information
Weight: 13.5kg,51KG/80KG,46KG Voltage: 12v,1.2V 12V 48V
Nominal Capacity: 100AH,100AH 120AH 150AH,200Ah Warranty: 1 Year,2 Year
Application: Solar System,CCTV/Solar System/UPS Backup Power/Solar Panel System Color: Grey,White / Blue
Type: Solar Battery 12v 100Ah
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Deep Cycle Gel Battery 12V 100AH


100AH Gel Deep Cycle Battery


12V 100AH Lead Acid Battery

Product Description

Long Life Gel Maintenance Free Deep Cycle 12v 100ah Solar Lead Acid Battery


1. Key Features 

  • Long life

(1)The positive and negative grids are made of lead alloy with adding lanthanon which improve 25% longer life than other that grids made of lead calcium tin alloy.

(2)The positive plate adopts the design of upright strip(no transverse strip),improve 15%of anti-growth and anti-corrosion thantraditional positive plates.

  • Environmental protection

(1)Adopt the chemical reaction technology in internal battery that reduces 25%acid mist in using process.

(2)Adopt the seal delamin ation technology which avoid vitriolic acid leaking and lacking vitriolic acid,and prevent the corrosion of acid mist to equipment and environment.

  • High reliability

(1)Advanced welding and assemblage technology improve anti-knock,avoid fake welding and the malfunction which causes in transportation and usage.

(2)Battery internal Resistance be of high homogen eity which improve the nonhomogeneity when several groups of battery parallel connected each other.

  • Small internal Resistance

(1)The battery separator is made of super thin glass fiber,improve the reaction face of polar plates and depress the internal Resistance,avoid the high internal resistant in usage.

(2)50-60KG/m²assemblage pressure improve the higher internal Resistance in usage after pour dilute sulfuric acid.

  • Excellent charge and discharge

(1)The positive plate adopts the design of upright strip(notransverse strip),the electric density of polar plates distribute more equality,which is applicable different requirement of discharge.

(2)The positive plate add CK-98electric medium improve 15% discharge in lowtemperature which recover disch arge more fully.

  • Small Self-discharge

Adopt the chemical reaction technology in internal battery,the battery made up of polarplates without charge and react with dilute sulfuric acid that avoid impurity in manufacture,get smaller self-discharge.

  • Duration shell

Adopt duration ABS plastic and inflaming retardant material ABS

Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity(10HR) 200AH
Dimension Length 522±3mm (20.55 inches)
Width 240±2mm (9.45 inches)
Container Height 218±2mm (8.58 inches)
Total Height (with Terminal) 224±2mm (8.81 inches)
Approx Weight Approx 54.5 Kg (122.357 Ibs)
Terminal T11
Container Material ABS
Rated Capacity 20hr ,1.80V/cell,25℃/77℉ 208.0 AH/10.4A
10hr,1.80V/cell,25℃/77℉ 200.0 AH/20.0A
5hr,1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉ 172.0 A H/34.4A
3hr,1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉ 156.0 AH/52.0A
1hr,1.60V/cell,25℃/77℉ 122.0 AH/122.0A


2. Correct charging method of lead-acid battery

(1)the ideal charging time is to consume 60%~80% of the battery power, because the lead acid battery is the most taboo is the telex release of clean when the charge, will lead to plate vulcanization, shorten its life.

(2)Do not wrap the charger with plastic bags or bottles, because it is easy to catch fire when the charger cannot breathe.

(3)try not to use fast charge, if not necessary, do not more than twice a month.

(4)do not knock, so as not to cause trouble.

(5)Use the standard charger to charge.

(6)often use often charge.



3. Product structure drawing

Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Gel Battery 12V 100AH Lead Acid Battery 0


Charge and discharge parameter table

Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Gel Battery 12V 100AH Lead Acid Battery 1


4. Matters needing attention:

1.Do not disassemble and repair by yourself

2.Cannot be used as a power battery for electric vehicles, etc.

3.Please securely connect the terminal socket bolts, if loose, it will cause a large voltage drop in the battery connection or a large fire will cause the fire

4.Please be sure to cut off the main power supply during construction connection. Live construction will cause electric shock hazard.

5.Do not connect to a power source other than the set voltage, otherwise it will cause a fire and the cause of failure

6.Do not use the battery directly as AC power, otherwise it will be the cause of fire or damage

7.4 months from the date of manufacture, it needs to be supplemented to reach a fully charged state to ensure that the battery's service life reaches the expected effect



5. Applications :

♦Solar and wind energy storage system

♦EPS and UPS battery backup


♦Signal system , emergency lighting system , security system


♦Telecommunication Equipment

♦Power plant and transmission system


6. Packing:Hard carton packaging


Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Gel Battery 12V 100AH Lead Acid Battery 2



7. Conditions of use

(1) Avoid direct contact between the battery and the metal container. Acid-proof and heat-resistant materials should be used, otherwise it will cause smoke or combustion.

(2) Use the specified charger to charge under the specified conditions, otherwise it may cause the battery to overheat, deflate, leak, burn or rupture.

(3) Do not install the battery in a sealed device, otherwise it may break the device.

(4) When the battery is used in medical equipment, please install a backup power supply outside the main power supply, otherwise the failure of the main power supply will cause injury.

(5) Put the battery away from the device that can produce spark, or spark may cause the battery to smoke or rupture.

(6) Do not put the battery near a heat source (such as a transformer), otherwise it will cause overheating, leakage, combustion or rupture of the battery.

Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Gel Battery 12V 100AH Lead Acid Battery 3


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