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Company Case About Green Power Plant

Green Power Plant

Latest company case aboutGreen Power Plant

Ground-mounted Distributed Power Plant Project

Location: Yunyang, Chongqing

Capacity: 5.8 mw


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The scale of ground-mounted solar power plants can vary depending on project requirements and land conditions. Generally, the capacity of ground-mounted solar power plants ranges from a few megawatts (MW) to several hundred MW.



Suitable land conditions for ground-mounted solar power plants:

  • Area: Ground-mounted solar power plants require large, flat land areas to accommodate a significant number of solar panels and related facilities.
  • Sunlight conditions: The land should have good sunlight conditions, with ample sunshine and minimal shading, to ensure the solar panels receive sufficient solar radiation.
  • Land stability: The land should have good stability and load-bearing capacity to ensure the safe and stable installation of solar panels and support structures.
  • Land ownership and land use: Legitimate land-use rights need to be obtained, and the project should comply with local land planning and management requirements.


Components of a ground-mounted solar power plant system:

  1. Solar photovotaic modules: Solar panels are the core components of ground-mounted solar power plants, responsible for converting solar energy into direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. Mounting structures: Mounting structures are used to support and install solar panels, ensuring their stability and optimal tilt angle for sunlight exposure.
  3. Inverter: Inverters convert the DC electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity for grid connection or storage.
  4. Grid connection: Ground-mounted solar power plants need to be connected to the grid to deliver the generated electricity to users or the power grid.
  5. Monitoring and control systems: Monitoring and control systems are used to monitor the power plant's generation, performance, and safety in real-time, and enable remote control and management.


The construction of ground-mounted solar power plants also involves considerations such as environmental impact assessment, land use permits, grid connection approvals, engineering construction, and operation and maintenance management. Specific construction requirements and processes may vary depending on the region and country, and should be planned and implemented in accordance with local regulations and requirements.