Laptop Portable Solar Home Lighting System DC12V DC 5V 1000w

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shijiazhuang Hebei China
Brand Name: ALLIN Portable Solar Power System
Certification: CE , SGS , ISO9001
Model Number: AY-618 1000w Power System Solar
Minimum Order Quantity: 1-2
Price: 30-5000$/Set,Price needs to be negotiated
Packaging Details: 1pcs/pack,6pcs/pack, 12pcs/pack,Can be customized
Delivery Time: 3-25days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000Sets/days
Detail Information
Product Name: Portable Solar Power System Model: 1000w
Solar Panel: Poly Solar Panel,40W Crystalline Silicon PV Module Solar Panel: 800w 1000w
Work Environment: -40 °Cto+ 85 °C Battery Type: Lead Acid
Output Voltage (v): 220V/110V/12V/5V Controller Type: MPPT
Work Time (h): 24 Hours Application: Home
Output Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ Solar Power (w): 100W
High Light:

SGS Portable Solar Home Lighting System


12V Portable Solar Home Lighting System


5V Small Solar Home Lighting System

Product Description

 1000w Home Lighting Use Portable Power System Solar For Laptop


1. Photovoltaic Power Generation Description 


Solar power system is mainly composed of solar cell components, controllers, and batteries. If you want to supply power to the AC load, you also need to configure an AC inverter.Solar power systems convert sunlight into electricity that can power your home.The solar photovoltaic power generation mix integration and heat collection, and can carry out power generation and collection at the same time .The household power generation system is generally composed of a photovoltaic square array composed of solar cell components, a solar charge and discharge controller, a battery pack, an off-grid inverter, a DC load, and an AC load. If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, an inverter is also required.


2. Power Solar System Configuration Instructions


Product Configuration Instructions






80/100/160/200W Solar panel

Poly silicon material

1 Set


Host machine

(1)12V10A solar energy special controller, PMW intelligent, can prevent the battery over charge and discharge, effectively protect the battery.
(2)12V1000W solar positive wave inverter, the output is equal to the mains power, belongs to the highest level of waveform.
(3)65A colloid maintenance-free solar battery.
(4)AC Voltmeter,DC Voltmeter, AC Output socket ,LED Socket,USB Socket, PV input socket, etc

1 Set


PV cables


1 Group


Connection fittings


1 Set


Panel bracket


1 Pair


5W LED lights and wires

Wire length 6 meters, straight socket.

2 Sets


3. Working Principie 


During the day, under light conditions, the solar cell modules generate a certain electromotive force, and the solar cell array is formed through the series and parallel connection of the modules, so that the voltage of the array can meet the requirements of the input voltage of the system. Then charge the battery through the charge and discharge controller, and store the electric energy converted from light energy. At night, the battery pack provides input power for the inverter. Through the function of the inverter, the DC power is converted into AC power, which is transmitted to the power distribution cabinet, and the power is supplied by the switching function of the power distribution cabinet. The discharge of the battery pack is controlled by the controller to ensure the normal use of the battery. The photovoltaic power station system should also have limited-load protection and lightning protection devices to protect the overload operation of the system equipment and avoid lightning strikes, and to maintain the safe use of the system equipment. Solar → Electricity → Chemical Energy → Electricity → Light Energy


4. Feature 

1). Battery charging function: The all-in-one machineduring the day can constantly send the solar panels’s energyinto the battery, can adjust the charging current according to battery voltage, in order to prolong the service life of storage battery, it also have floating function, keep the battery in a full status for a rainy day. In addition the all-in-one prevent reverse charging battery to solar panelsat night.


2). Battery undervoltage protection function: Using inverter electric power supply for a long time will lead to a serious loss of battery voltage, greatly affect the service life of the battery. The machine can be shut in the storage battery voltage down to 11.0V dc output, 10.8V closed ac output. In order to prevent the over discharge of storage battery damage.


3). Overload protection function: When you access the appliance is overmuch, total power over rating of the inverter, it will stop working for 10 seconds, lock the protection status, and report to the police, until you reduce the load, and the inverter power switch to "OFF" position more than 10 seconds, and then back to "ON" position, the inverter to restore work.


4). Short circuit protection function: When your household appliances internal short circuit occurs, the inverter will stop working in 1 seconds, and lock protection status, and report to the police, until you remove the short circuitshome appliances,and the inverter power supply switch to "OFF" position more than 10 seconds, and then back to "ON" position, the inverter to restore work.


5). Temperature protection function: When you load more, poor ventilation or the climate is hot, the temperature inside the inverter will gradually rise, if the temperature continues to rise to 100 °C inverter will stop working, and lock to protect state, suggest that you reduce the load or to improve the ventilation environment, the inverter power supply switch to "OFF" position, when the internal temperature decrease, and then to the "ON" position, the inverter will come back to work.


6). Status indication function: It have fault indicator, inverter indicator, and multi-function LCD or pointer to the header show,let all status be clear at a glance.


7). DC12V and DC5V output: DC output port for your dc devices charging and power supply function.


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