Customized Off Grid 3KW Home Solar Power Systems Sufficient Capacity

Basic Information
Brand Name: AoYin
Model Number: AY-3000WM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1-50
Price: 45-150$/Set
Packaging Details: wooden carton
Delivery Time: 25days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30000Sets/Month
Detail Information
Solar Panels: 21% High Conversion Rate Of Monocrystalline Silicon Inverter: Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Accumulator: Lead-acid Colloid, Maintenance-free, Sufficient Capacity, Not A False Standard Solar Controller: MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking
Solar Stent: Hot-dip Galvanized Photovoltaic Cable: Reliable And Durable
High Light:

3kw home solar power systems


sufficient capacity home solar power systems


3kw home solar battery system

Product Description

Home Use Customized Solar Power System High Quality Solar Off Grid Systems




Photovoltaic power generation system refers to a power generation system that directly converts light energy into electrical energy without a thermal process. Its main components are solar cells, storage batteries, controllers and inverters. It is characterized by high reliability, long service life, no environmental pollution, independent power generation and grid-connected operation.



Parameter Table


3KW solar power system

product name

Package 1 (simple configuration)

Package 2 (medium configuration)

Package 3 (high configuration)

Solar panels




Maintenance-free gel battery




MPPT Inverter Controller

48V3000W (built-in MPPT48V30A)

48V3000W (built-in MPPT48V60A)

48V3000W (built-in MPPT48V60A)

Photovoltaic cable + MC4 connector

Standard 100 meters of red and black wires 4㎡+4 sets (can be matched according to customer needs)

Solar panel bracket

Due to the different installation angles of the roof and ground, the bracket can be customized

Solar panels generate electricity




Battery storage capacity is about




Battery discharge capacity is




Remarks: The power generation of each region will be affected by the conditions of the intensity of light. The above data is for reference only, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers.You can also consult customer service to customize the solar power system plan for you according to your needs


Advantage of home solar power system

  • Solar/mains/battery complementary control and solar energy ready-to-use/mains automatic optimization recognition function

  • Automatic priority recognition function of solar power during the day and night

  • Mains voltage stabilization function/UPS function

  • Full power, standard pure sine wave output

  • Five protection functions of undervoltage/short circuit/overvoltage/overload/overtemperature.

  • LCD smart display

  • Automatic conversion, automatic recovery and unattended functions.

  • Loading list for 3kw solar power system

  • 3KW daily home appliance load usage
    (Note: The following load usage conditions are individually tested when the power generation reaches 12 kWh. The data is for reference only. Daily power generation: about 12 kWh (calculated based on effective light for 5 hours))

    Electrical appliances

    Power (W)

    Independent use time (H)

    Rice cooker



    washing machine









    Home computer



    Floor fan



    electric kettle



    air conditioning



    Water pump



    Note: 1. The inverter has sufficient power output, and the cumulative use function of the above appliances shall not exceed 3KW (inductive load discharge 3-5 times the power)
    2. The above electricity consumption is only a reference value. We cannot promise and guarantee that power generation in various regions will be affected by light conditions. There will be slight differences, please be aware!




Question 1: Why can't the test current with a multimeter reach the nominal current?
A1: Because the short-circuit current is a parameter to measure the quality of solar cells, this parameter can only be used with a module tester
It can be tested, and the multimeter itself is the load, so the tested parameter is the working current, please do not misunderstand. Solar cell
Test conditions: 1000W/m2 illuminance cell temperature 25 degrees Celsius AM1.5 (atmospheric transparency), our solar panels are in
The test under standard bright light is a theoretical concept, and the actual effect will vary according to the buyer’s area, the weather and the degree of pollution will be moderate.
Question 2: How much power can be driven by solar panels?
A2: This depends on the battery capacity of the customer terminal and the power of the inverter. This has nothing to do with the solar panel, which is just
Responsible for charging your battery, it does not store electricity, solar energy is responsible for charging the battery, and the battery discharging the electrical equipment. This is
A charging and discharging process.
Question 3: Can solar panels be used on cloudy days?
A3: It depends on the intensity of the light in cloudy/rainy days. If the light is strong, there will be weak current and voltage, which can generate about 10% of the electricity.
force. But this is several times or even hundreds of times worse than that under bright sunlight on a sunny day! In short, the stronger the light, the better the power generation effect.
The weaker the line, the worse the effect.
Question 4: Can solar panels work without a controller?
A4: It is best to use a controller, or it is necessary to use a controller. The function of the controller is to control the
To protect the battery from over-discharge, short-circuit protection, etc. If the controller is not used, the solar panel will be
At the same time, the voltage rise and fall are different, thus affecting the charging voltage and current of the battery. Even charge the battery!
Question 5: How to maintain the battery?
A5: When the battery has not been charged and discharged for a long time, the user needs to charge and discharge once every 3-4 months, and the charging time shall not be allowed each time.
Less than 12 hours, the battery needs to dissipate heat during operation, so it should be placed in a cool and non-humid place.


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